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I am a UK-based Web Developer & Digital Graphic Designer with well over a decade of experience building websites. Focusing primarily on content, usability, and accessibility, my work always looks to place the end-user at the center of the design process. However as a developer coming from an artistic/photographic background, I do also feel that aesthetics are key to successful design, and believe that making something beautiful can very much enhance the way that someone feels when they interact with it.

All my sites are hand-built from scratch using HTML(5), CSS(3), and JavaScript, and I specialise in Content Management Systems such as Concrete5, Wordpress, and Shopify (for Ecommerce). If you were to ask my clients, I would hope that they would say I have integrity, am both personable and trust-worthy, and that I always really try not to use too much industry jargon... but if you would like to find out for yourself what they think, get in touch and I will happily provide you with a source of reference.

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If you would like to discuss a possible collaboration, or any project that you might need assistance with, do please get in touch...

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